Vesna Krebs expresses her ideas and concepts mostly through video and new media practices. Her main work focuses on relationship nature vs. technology vs. man in the context of visual perception. Whether online or in gallery space, her projects are often set as simulations where the viewer has an important participatory role, and is actively involved in the creation process of the piece. Vesna’s current practice focuses on the act of appropriation and collage style, for example in interweaving of complex systems found in nature with digital algorithmic structures of similar complexity. By exposing the identities and similarities of organic and digital inorganic matter her aim is to escape the illusion that each of us exists in isolation from the technology or from the rest of the word. She constantly challenges the individual mind to put the observed reality into question.

Vesna’s works examine different aspects of perception and reconstruction of the meaning based on art concepts and science theories. In her works organic fractal structure of natural textures contrasts digitally generated patterns and glitches. The focus is on relationship between consensual perception of reality on one side, and an alternative perception manifested in creation through the act of observation on the other.

Vesna’s creative process is realized through three fields of exploration. Microscopic view – creating opinion and determining the meaning. Distant or satellite view – how much of what we see is set by how we look? Quantum view – creating by viewing. What happens when we are not looking?