Interactive installation


Implementation of Observer effect which in science refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed. The Observer raises questions about what happens when we are not looking and can we create just by looking?

Two-dimensional video texture is projected on a three-dimensional object formed from triangular mesh which represents time-spatial indeterminacy. Origami tessellation made of one square peace of paper in accordance to principles used in computer 3D modeling, thus translating those principles into handmade paper-based object.

When the sight of the observer is absent, the projected texture mutates through different generative states. Video content is dispersed in space and illustrates the undetermined elementary state. When observers view is focused on to the object, the process of generating stops, the texture is mapped on to the three-dimensional surface and the object manifests itself in a unique situation.

So undetermined generative part of the artwork is hidden from the observer and “exists” only when no one is watching.